King Fish (Surmai)


Slightly overrated, Surmai has a very loyal fan following all over Pakistan. Health specialists are concerns with the high mercury content in Surmai.

The size you get: 2 – 5 kg per fish

Note: All our prices and billings are based on the pre-cleaning/cutting weight of the seafood. The net weight at the time of delivery will be dependent on the type of cutting you choose.

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King Fish – Surmai is one of the most famous fish of Pakistan along with White Pomfret and Red Snapper. Slightly overrated, King Fish – Surmai has a very loyal fan following all over Pakistan.

Having Tuna like an elongated body, King Mackerel is perfect for beautifully shaped slices for fry and grill. Having a very short shelf life, King Mackerel should be consumed fresh and is not recommended to freeze for longer.

Although King Mackerel is high in Omega-3 but has mercury content concerns. Large King Mackerel have mercury beyond acceptable limits and can negatively impact health.

Flavor Profile

King Mackerel has mild-sweet-tasting flesh with a firm texture, moderate fat, and large, circular flakes when cooked. The flesh has a beautiful pinkish-white color and remains white when cooked. Fillets have less bloodline than similar pelagic fish Such as Tuna, Mahi Mahi, etc.


  • English Name: King Mackerel, Indo-Pacific King mackerel, Seer Fish, & King Fish
  • Local Name: Surmai, Kar-gan & Gore
  • Scientific Name: Scomberomorus guttatus


King Mackerel is a Sea fish that mainly lives in the Pelagic region and coastal waters from 15 m to 200 m—sometimes entering turbid estuarine waters.

Catching Method

King Mackerel is caught using Gillnets and Hook lines.

Physical Attributes

King Mackerel has loosely attached Scales on the body and can be easily removed during life. Body depth is less or nearly equal to head length, lateral line with many fine Auxillary branches anteriorly, almost straight to below middle of 2nd dorsal fin and gently bent downward to the middle of caudal peduncle. Intestine with 2 folds and 3 limbs.


Blue on the back, silvery on the sides about 3 irregular rows of dark round spots (smaller than the eye) on the sides of the body, and spinous dorsal fin dark up to the eighth spine, white posteriorly, with a distal margin black.


On average, the King Mackerel size range is 1 kg to 5 kg per fish. However, Other sizes are also occasionally available.

Cutting Preferences

King Mackerel is preferred for Slices and Boneless Biscuits

Approx. Cutting Yields

  • Whole: 100%
  • Gutted: 80%
  • Headless and Gutted: 70%
  • Slices: 70%
  • Boneless: 45%

Cooking Preferences

King Mackerel is preferred to Grill, BBQ, Fry, Steam, and Curry

Health Benefits

  • Heart friendly
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Immune System
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves Skin and Hair health

Additional information


Boneless Fillet (2 fillates per fish), Boneless Biscuits, Boneless Fingers Sticks, Slices with skin and centre Bone, Mince

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