Crimson Jobfish (Khopra)


Catfish are a diverse group of ray-finned fish. Named for their prominent barbels, which resemble a cat’s whiskers, they are very abundant in the Arabian sea. Wild-caught catfish take on the water character they are raised in. Although they are not highly prized, they are famous for the eggs and swimbladder exports.

The size you get: Approx 300 grams to 1 kg per fish.

Note: All our prices and billings are based on the pre-cleaning/cutting weight of the seafood. The net weight at the time of delivery will be dependent on the type of cleaning you choose.

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The crimson jobfish also locally known as khopra, are species of snapper family native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans from the African coast to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a highly seasonal fish in the Arabian sea and is not often available in Pakistan throughout the year.

Crimson Jobfish – Khopra are identical to snapper but with a slightly elongated and compressed body. These beautiful-looking fish are not very common in the local market and are usually exported to the rest of the world.

Flavor Profile

Since jobfish are loosely related to snappers and breams, so it should be no surprise that this fish tastes excellent! Their firm, flaky fish tastes much like a cross between red snapper and sea bream.


  • English Name: Crimson Jobfish, jobfish
  • Local Name: Khopra
  • Scientific Name: Pristipomoides filamentosus


Crimson jobfish is a sea fish that lives in Rocky bottoms from 90 m to 360 m.

Catching Method

Crimson jobfish is mainly caught using Gillnets.

Physical Attributes

Crimson jobfish has scales on the body. The Length of the upper jaw is approx. 2.4–2.7 times in head length. The caniniform teeth at the anterior ends of jaws are not appreciably enlarged. The maxilla is without scales. The vomerine teeth (on the roof of the mouth) are in a triangular patch. The tongue is toothless. The interorbital space is flat and caudal fins are deeply forked. It has no scales on the dorsal and anal fins.


Back and sides are ranging from brownish to lavender or reddish-purple, head with narrow yellow lines and blue spots, dorsal and caudal fins light blue or lavender with reddish-orange margins.


On average, Crimson Jobfish size range is 300 to 1000 grams per fish. However, other sizes are also occasionally available.

Cutting Preferences

Crimson Jobfish is preferred for any type of cutting.

Approx. Cutting Yields

  • Whole: 100%
  • Gutted: 75%
  • Headless and Gutted: 68%
  • Slices: 65%
  • Boneless: 45%

Cooking Preferences

Crimson Jobfish is preferred for grilling, bbq, and deep frying.

Health Benefits

  • Heart friendly
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Immune System
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves Skin and Hair health

Additional information


Whole (Uncleaned), Whole (Gutted), Boneless Fillet (2 fillates per fish), Boneless Biscuits, Boneless Fingers, Whole but head remove

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